Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Host Has Been Named for the Smashing New Talk Show Big Sis & Company Focused on the Issues!!!!

Introducing Liletta Thompson the host of the Smashing New Talk Show:  Big Sis & Company Focused on the Issues.   When the question was raised of whom would be the most qualified, most knowledgeable about the community to host this show, there was no doubt Ms. Liletta Thompson was the best choice.  

Ms. Thompson has an extensive background in various community service programs. Liletta has served for quite some time as a facilitator for a women's group for ACTS/Turning Points which has allowed her the opportunity to personally work with and counsel women within the community.  Liletta has also had the privilege of hosting two empowerment conferences.  One with the focus on Domestic Violence, the other focused on family household matters.  At both conferences Liletta was able to pull local and national entertainers, speakers, sponsors and resources together to make the conferences a success.

When Liletta was asked what could be expected on her upcoming talk show,  she stated," a wide variety of topics for men, women, teens and children will be discussed".  She is confident that viewers will not be disappointed and she says, "there will be plenty of surprises".

Stay tuned for more sneak peaks and updates about the smashing new Talk Show Big Sis & Company Focused on the Issues.

Check out clips from the "Women Meeting Challenges - Making Change Conference" that was organized by Liletta Thompson below...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Introducing the Talk Show that will talk about Community, Health, Finances, and Relationships! Big Sis & Company Focused on the Issues!

A talk show that focuses on the issues that effect the community from health, finances, and relationships.  Watch interviews of local talent and business owners from the community who are doing positive things to make a difference.   

There will be live music performances, financial resources and health and relationship advice!

Stay tuned for air time, more updates and behind the scenes footage